Corporate Secretarial Services in the Philippines

We offer corporate secretarial services to corporations as part of our full-service corporate services.

A company secretary is a vital part of any company’s operations, as they oversee the various aspects of the company’s governance and management. 

In addition to acting as the company’s central point of contact, the company secretary also plays a vital role in reducing the burden of corporate governance and administrative duties on the directors.

 It can be very challenging for a new organization to take care of all the administrative tasks that run a business. Having the proper secretarial services can help smooth the operations of the company.

What are corporate secretarial services?

The term “company secretarial services” is not the same as having a personal secretary working for an executive. Instead, it refers to a level of administrative function that ensures that a company’s operations are conducted in a way that is compliant with regulations and legislation.

Corporate governance is essential for businesses. Companies must carry them out strictly and transparently to comply with the prevailing laws and regulations.

A certificate from a designated corporate secretary is needed under Philippine law as evidence that the Board of Directors adopted a board resolution. Additionally, the corporate secretary must record changes to a company’s share capital, as well as the election and resignation of directors, via board meetings.

In short, corporate secretarial services are akin to housekeeping services but only for corporations. They cover shareholder administration, statutory compliance, and corporate governance. They are also responsible for reducing administrative and corporate governance burdens that would otherwise fall on the shoulders of the corporate directors.

Why are companies outsourcing corporate secretarial services?

You can gain significant advantages by hiring a company to conduct the company’s corporate secretarial duties on your behalf. 

Consider the following benefits:

1. Corporate secretarial services can handle your tasks like a pro. The duties of a company secretary include certifying all of the firm’s required paperwork, keeping track of changes in the company, and maintaining an account book of stock and transfer transactions.

2. Companies can gain from corporate secretarial services their expertise and knowledge. Your organization will benefit from their extensive process knowledge and the ability to customize their services to meet your needs.

3. Corporate secretarial services can effortlessly complete tasks within the allotted time. Compliance before the due dates is essential in business, and these deadlines are not flexible. 

Suppose you have a competent firm behind you that uses the most innovative and time-saving ways to execute their work. In that case, there will be no delays in your operations.

4. When you hire an outsourced expert to handle your company’s secretarial needs, you save time and money since you won’t have to invest in training a new team member to do the duties of a professional secretary.

5. If you don’t comply with the law, you might face hefty penalties or criminal charges. It’s safe to outsource your corporate secretarial services to a professional firm since you can be confident that they will be executing their job efficiently and precisely, eliminating the chance of financial penalties.

Why choose us?

We provide corporate secretarial services to foreign and local companies in the Philippines. We help them maintain their records and procedures in compliance with the regulations and requirements of the government.

Companies in the Philippines usually hire our business consultants to serve as their corporate secretaries. They help oversee the company’s operations and documents.

The following are the services we offer to our valued clients:

  • Prepare minutes of meetings of the Board of Directors and shareholders;
  • Prepare and file with the Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) an annual General Information Sheet (GIS) or any changes to it;
  • Prepare the documents for audited financial statements, keep a stock and transfer book, and perform other things related to corporate governance;
  •  Document and report changes to the company’s constitution, name, principal address, fiscal year, capital stock, etc.;
  • Document simple share transfers, reversions of trust, and the issuance of shares 
  • Serve as an inspector at the Election of Directors, and do other corporate housekeeping tasks as needed.

Our team is composed of highly experienced corporate and regulatory compliance professionals. With a wide range of experience in various sectors, our team can provide effective and efficient solutions to your company’s secretarial needs.

More importantly, our skilled team will take care of all the paperwork for you, saving you time and making you more efficient. We offer managed and direct cosec services to small businesses and professionals. 

Avail our corporate secretarial services now!