Business Consultancy

Harnessing from our wealth of experience working with some of the largest businesses in the Philippines, we provide consulting services that would aid decision-makers to make sound and successful innovations. In business, the one in the helm must find clarity and direction, to steer the company on the right path. Davao Accountants levels the playing field for business. We provide multinational PLC consulting advice to private and family businesses here in Davao City.

Our Business Consultancy Service Includes

Management Consulting

With our exposure to numerous organizations, we are aware of the industry best practices. Our management consulting services shall identify the problems in the business organization, which would then serve as basis for our recommendation on implementing institutional changes designed for more effective or efficient operations.

Our management consulting does not rely solely on “buzz words.” We provide solutions that are anchored on real-world practical solutions and crafted to help the leadership of business organizations improves overall performance and operations.

Business Research

Businesses need to understand customers better and get industry insights to make strategic and operational decisions. We can be of help to these businesses with our full spectrum of business research services. Our research specialists gather and collate information, research and document industry practices, and provide statistics to serve as benchmark for necessary actions.

Our business research services aim to provide industry understanding upon the client’s request.

Small Business Development

We assist in hurdling obstacles to market access, usually faced by small businesses. As an important sector of the Philippine economy, it is our goal to help small and medium-sized enterprises with our industry expertise

Assistance to New Business Startup

Our research specialists can also help business startups. We compile and document statutory and regulatory requirements for new ventures. Our reports are comprehensive and will provide any new business startup the roadmap to success. Our research services complement our business registration segment that deals with the hassles of paperwork.

Organizational Analysis

We also conduct reviews on personnel development and operation, work environment conditions, and research for the best structure and design of the organization to ensure high capacity and efficient functionality. We go on to review the internal functioning of the business organization and provide recommendations for alternative models to be implemented.

Our Methodology

Data Consolidation We summarize the data gathered to make it easier to access and retrieve. Preliminary Research We start our research by going over the company and industry reports, trade publications, as well as formulating and disseminating questionnaires and surveys. Data Analysis We further analyze the data to extract precious and relevant insights about business prospects, competitors, as well as the market. Report Creation Our research specialists shall prepare comprehensive reports on industry trends, best practices, market forecasts, and competitive strategies. Quality Control True to our mission of delivering quality work, our specialists work to make sure that the reports are complete, accurate, and up to date.
methodology steps

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