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Why Filipino Freelancers Need an Accountant?

Simply put, if you’re a freelancer in the Philippines, many of you will be earning anything from ₱15,000-₱50,000 per month, some earning ₱100,000 or more monthly. Yet, it is a well-known fact that many are either not declaring their income, or seriously under-declaring it without any legal justification to back it up.

Almost nobody enjoys paying taxes. However, here are two big reasons why you need to.

  1. It is illegal. You are knowingly committing a crime that is punishable with imprisonment of not less than two years but not more than four years.
  2. The government could confiscate your assets. If your bought property or cars etc. and cannot justify where the money came from.

People often think, “It won’t happen to me,” however many people later in life suffer the consequences of not paying taxes.

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Davao accountants Are Freelancing Experts
First of all we are the only official accounting partner of virtualstaff.ph, the Philippines largest freelancer and virtual assistant job platform.

Secondly, we know the Philippine freelancing industry inside and out. It is something we have niche expertise in, this in itself makes us unique.


As a freelancer, you’ve found something you love doing and are really good at, and are offering it as a service to businesses (either online or offline). What you are probably not an expert at is accounting.

Davao Accountants offers a modern service for Filipino freelancers and virtual assistants, so you can focus on the things you like doing.

Who Can We Help?
Our specialized freelancing accountancy service is here to help Filipino virtual assistants, freelancers, self-employed people, subcontractors, and even contractual service providers.

We at Davao Accountants are here to hold your hand and ensure you are fully legally compliant.

How Can We Help?
Abapo CPA & Law provides an affordable, yet specialized accounting service specifically designed for freelancers and contractors in the Philippines.

Important things we can advise and help you with include:

• Freelancer tax compliance (Philippine specific)
• Take-home pay
• Expenses – What things you can offset against tax
• Choosing between sole proprietorship, partnership or corporation (Tax implications)
• Tax allowances
• How to be tax-efficient

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